Bedeck a camel

Trying to solve that quest, I found out the glass blower had no gold braid and no dialog option about it.
Maybe that gold braid is a rare occuring item, I found one at the keymaker in kadapul city.
That was just a lucky strike.


  • You should be able to buy the Gold Braid in his shop but it may not appear all the time. Anyone who sells normal miscellaneous items will sell it but he definitely does.

  • Thanks Cat,
    I tried the glass blower shop a few times with no success, but didn't camp in front of the place ;)
    I was expecting to find it in the dialog and was surprised it wasn't there.
    I got one anyway 😀
    I created the topic because I thought it's bound to happen to someone else....or I'm very unlucky !!!
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    It's not in the dialogue. : ) He just sells it but his inventory changes randomly.

    I'm glad you got one and I'm glad you posted the question because targeted questions are always helpful to people. You never know because there are always visitors who never post but who get the answers they need by reading posts like yours..

  • That was my point, and btw...I was a never posting visitor
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