Mara said that you need a magnet to get the stone, what kind of magnet that is?


  • It's a yellow, Magnetic Rock. Echo in Mt. Buyan gives you the rock.

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    I’m in the catacombs. I’ve mapped the whole area, and i have the yellow magnetic stone. I’ve tapped every wall. Can’t find anything 😭 If I am supposed to get Cat’s rock, then how should i proceed? I’ve faced the stone, and tapped on air, shot a bow, cast some spells - nothing happens. And there is no game mechanics that would allow me to “use” the magnetic rock.

  • If you have the quest Steal Cat's Rock and the magnetic rock, stand on the marked spot and let the dialogue do its work.

  • Ah, okay! Thanks, I’ll make sure to get that quest first!

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