Release the wind quest

What should i do after i get Dessert shard gem, earth jinn shared gem, frosty twillight???? , glass blower shard gem, rooftop shard gem, i found master cyclone and nothing i can do...


  • And also how to kill blue lady?
  • @geeforced said:
    And also how to kill blue lady?

    The Blue Ladies are only affected by the spell "Drool" and it takes many casts of it to kill one of them. (There are about 9 or 10 Blue Ladies in the Water Djinns Palace.)

    Based upon my own experience I would recommend doing the following when taking them on:
    1. Stock up on potions that Restore Full Magic and Restore Full Health (I went through over 100 of the latter)
    2. Enchant wearable items with Fortify Health + 100 and Fortify Attack Magic + 100 and equip them
    3. Save just before entering the Water Djinns Palace and immediately after defeating the Blue Ladies attacking you (if it is safe to do so)
    4. Drink a Restore Full Health potion anytime your health falls below 50%

    I think I was killed by the Blue Ladies half-a-dozen times (at least) before I came up with this strategy

    Hope this works for you.

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    @Thenedor--thank you for those tips.

    @geeforced--do you have the Ice Jinn's Shard? And the scroll of Joining? You need all those to do anything there.

    If you don't have the Scroll of Joining, Phredd can help you.

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