Gold king of the North

Can't persuade him, personality 172 persuasion 218 mind magic 222. Can't get pages from wall relief green fountain or candle. Do I need another quest besides Honx.


  • I dont know what that was about. Got his armor didn't show in quest list, still couldn't persuade kept throwing in the pit your health is 4. Got enough pages to clear Honx. Oh well Gold king. Thanx and nvrmnd

  • He's a mean guy!

  • Hi, after completing the spell quest, I return to the king and kill him. But I found a stair I cannot reach (before and after finishing the quest), there:

  • Those stairs don't go anywhere and never will. It's used by ghosts. : )

  • Ok, thanks, It could be fine to have a small message like "came back when dead to rest" or just removing it ?

  • If I have a reason to do an update, I will remove it. I just don't want to trouble Elendil with all the work an update takes for a small thing. I was joking about the ghosts. I just forgot it was there.
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