Nogur Hall

I can get past the entrance quest. If I select the wrong answer how do I start over? There is no reset option and clicking the answers keeps clicking them. Is the answer you selected by the switch directly on the opposite side wall even the text states to the left?


  • Tapping any of the candles again should reset everything so you can start again. Yes, the candle to tap is on the wall opposite the questin. If you tap the wrong candle, everything resets.

  • I must be doing something wrong. I am a nogur and I can not get any of the answers to work

  • There are only two answers that fit:

    You can tell us by our large, piercing black pupils that tend to cause people to be frightened.

    We bond naturally with the energy currents that flow through the world and give us our strength.

    Then tap the gate.

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