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Personality 150. Hador is a butt head. Been back several times. 24 period 7 day cycle. TIA


  • Personality 250 Rested 7days, well 8. Maybe shouldn't said he butt head. Help ...Big TIA

  • Mind Magic of at least 90.

    Personality greater than 49. ^^

  • Moving on. Haddor won't respond. Always had mind magic and personality better than listed. Not solvable. Thnx
  • What is your base Personality? I can't tell from the screenshots.

    Not Persuasion but Personality.

  • I can make personality/ mind magic any #. In the above personality 250 mind magic 500. I think the problem is that he said something that I didn't catch.... but I still can't clear quest with abbey.
  • IMO there needs to be a confirmation on messages, like make purchases " do you want to purchase" y/n. Many times i have gotten a message and it's gone....
  • It's possible your stats are so high, they're wrapping around to a negative. Those numbers are much too high. The engine is designed by Redshift and I can't change confirmations on purchases. He doesn't want to do any changes to the editor because they're working on the Quest 2. What do you mean you can make Personality any number? It tests your raw personality stat.
  • Enchanting Personality on items probably won't help because it tests your raw (unenchanted) Personality level. That might be the problem. I don't see anything wrong with the dialogue. You can increase your skills by enchanting and the dialogue will react to that but for Attributes like Strength, Endurance and Personality, I'm pretty sure it ignores enchanted objects and looks for your basic Attribute level.

  • Bump.

    I recall having a dialogue option with Haddor which I subsequently failed. Must have had my Personality too low. Unfortunately, that option went away after failing and it hasn't come back. That was many saves ago, since I didn't realize the significance until now.

    Does this mean that the quest is permanently incompletable?

  • You need Mind Magic of at least 90 and Personality greater than 49. I did a fix so that you can talk to him again even if you failed before but you will have to wait for Elendil to upload it.

  • Thank you! My personality was too low on the first attempt. I'll wait for the fix and then clear the quest when the opportunity opens back up.
  • You have to give Elendil time. I don't think he ever sleeps. : )

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