How do I get to Ioann Island and underwater kindom

I have searched all over victory park and I do not see how to get the Ioann Island. Also no clue on how to get to the underwater kingdom.


  • I figured out underwater kingdom

  • You get to St. Ioann Island from Victory Park to its west. There's a boat in the southeast of Victory Park.

  • Figured them both out

  • I was some how missing a quest that basically caused my progression in the game to stop. Once I found the quest that I needed, I was able to get the correct dialog options to get to these missing places

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    I cannot find the way to ioann island. It feels like I'm always blocked by trees or water whenever I try to move around.

    Across a bit of water, I can see a few squid and a ghost (that is attacking me) next to a boat, but can't get there.

  • I was apparently missing a certain quest so now I have the boat I need. 🙂

    Sorry, that I have been giving up and asking for help too soon... I've been really sick with covid for the past 2 weeks and am still not back to normal mentally and physically.
  • Don't worry about anything but getting better. I believe in the old adage, 'Post and ye shall find.' Hope you recover quickly.
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