Locate the sea god.... in Basilisks eye

Hi , I’ve finished Basilisks eye, and really enjoyed it, I’m just trying to finish a couple of remaining quests. I can’t seem to find the entrance to find the sea god....I’ve searched, or sure I’ve searched , all round the west of the land....am now standing at smir the fisherman’s hut wondering what to do...any help is most welcome. Thanks


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    The sea god is in the Lost Lands. He's in the northeast there. You get there from a cave (hole in a wall) that's in the far south of Jamjehli Village. Look for a brownish brick wall and examine it's south. Amir was out in the sun too long. ^^

  • Many thanks for the help

  • Now just have to remember where to use the love points that I’ve accumulated!

  • And also karma points!....I’ve got a crap memory!

  • @Thundahamma said:
    And also karma points!....I’ve got a crap memory!

    If memory serves, there is a place in Bithoor City where you can sell Karma Points.

  • I think the love points are from Horde I/ The Guru of Nirvana XP in Bithoor City will exchange xp for your karma points and a Karma Trader in the Old Dungeon who will exchange gold for karma.

  • Thanks for the help

  • Just have to dispose of the love points now, found the trader in Bithoor city. Thnx.

  • Yep, love points are from Horde 1...just need to find where to get rid of them...thnx

  • You need enough Love Points to get the bow from the Goddess of Love to do Moof's quest. I'm not sure anyone buys the leftowvers.

  • Okies gotcha, thnx

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