Argimon’s Dungeon and Baba Yaga

Hello! I’ve cleared most of the quests in HOL IV, but there are a couple of things I cannot seem to get past, and I hate to leave the game unfinished. So I’m asking for some help here..
1. I’m obviously blind, but where exactly is Argimon’s Dungeon and how do I get there?
2. Any hints for finding Baba Yaga?

Thanks in advance and happy new year 2018!


  • I think you already may have gone there. It's the three floors of Kozney's Castle on Venets Island. You get there by boat from the Underwater Kingdom after doing some quests.

    Baba Yaga has a house in Seversk Center. Princess Vasilisa in the Royal Headquarters gave you a key but she may have met an untimely death at Kozney's hands. Vasilisa told you to explore her house. You might find her --- what's left after we meet our demise.

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