Rod of Integrity

The Witch of the Wilderness wants a Rod Of Integrity before she'll give me a bewitched blade. She says I can buy this from a shop, but I've not found where to buy it. Help, please!


  • Aedan the blacksmith should sell it. Jack Dandiels also should sell it. Aedan is in the village of Largs in the far northwest.

  • The both sell the heart staff but despite sleeping for days no sign of the rod of integrity. Playing classic version. Any help greatly appreciated

  • Aedan does sell it. Make sure you sleep in an inn that isn't in the village of Largs.

  • Thank you

  • Have slept for days outside
    Largs but Aedan still does not sell rod of integrity only sceptre of hearts

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    He's programmed to sell it. When you say you're sleeping? You're marked at an inn you recall to? His inventory should change either every night or every few nights. I don't know what to say except keep trying. Maybe leave that for awhile and go back.
  • Gave up on Aedan found it at Dolfes shop in Home of Green Man

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