Druidic wand & hammer

Spoke to all the druids I can find and can’t find hammer to fix bridge at addanc river.
Can I have a clue please? :)


  • You need an Iron Maul which you can buy in shops that sell better weapons. Alcor sells it. Iron Foot too.

  • And the wand?

  • Ah, ignore that :)

  • Melor sells the Druidic Wand. : )

  • Any shop that sells "best" weapons.

  • Thank you! I have 9 bags of wood, the iron maul, but can’t do anything with the bridge. I can’t find any advances to speak with :( have I missed a quest somewhere?

  • Ps, I have addanc sight ability

  • The bridge is coded like this--
    if(evtstepon() && (player.hasquest("celt_q57")) && (player.hasitem("celt_weap_maul2",1)) && (player.hasitem("celt_wood",5)) && (getstate()==0))
    {message("You use the wood and fine hammer to build a stout bridge.");

    If you have the quest to build the bridge and that maul and 5 pieces of wood, you should be good if you step there. If you have more than 5 pieces of wood drop the excess, same for the maul.

  • Drop four bags of wood and then try. I can't do anything about that checking thing in the editor so let's just go along with it.

  • Haven’t got the quest to build bridge! Who do I get it from? Fanku hon

  • Got the sight from Phredd but can’t find Mita. Will that make a difference? Tapped on all the bushes, obvs being thick..

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    You need the quest from the innkeeper. Quest list is in FAQ's thread here I think. Halbor the innkeeper in Lydney Village.

  • No I tried that..
    He just offers me free beer. Mita isn’t in the bushes either and at the mounds I’ve killed the wolf but the only other thing I can find is a haystack with “what sounds like someone singing” so I can’t recover memories either. Think I’m gona have to go back and start again since I’ve woken habren :)

  • Went back to an old save game and found Mita who gave me the quest... guess the trick is not to buy it from Phredd. Thanks hon

  • Hello I just have the same problem : no Mita in the bush, but I have the Addanc sight already, and I dont have the built the bridge quest. I assume that I did the same mistake but is it a bug ? because it is too late for me to recover with a previous file. Should I buy the iron maul to procede ? can I skip this part and buy the druidic wand directly ? (and where is Melor...;) ?
    Thank you !

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    It's not a bug. If you're not having trouble with Mita, you shouldn't buy Addanc Sight from Phredd. I can't change this because it would be too complicated and possible mess up people already playing. If you had an older save file, you could go back to before you bought the sight from Phredd. I'm sorry you don't have an older save file.

    You can buy the Druidic Wand from a shop. Melor sells it. He's in Lydney Village.

  • Thanks Cat

    I tried to buy a druidic wand from Melor but he didn’t sell any; I asked every day during 10 days by sleeping outside , but no Druidic wand at Melor’s shop... Is he the right guy or should I buy something / somewhere else ?
  • He's the right guy. It's chance of appearing is 9 out of 10. I visited his staff and it appeared on the second try. I'd just camp out there and keep trying. Or go to a nearby area to camp out. Sometimes if you sleep or camp out in the save area, it's not very effective.

  • Yes !!
    Thanks Cat I got it finally. I camped out a little further and it worked.
  • It's no good to camp out or sleep in the same surface area or dropdown level. It's better to go to a nearby one as you did. Don't know why but that's the way the engine works.

    I'm glad you got it.

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