4 Carpet Pieces

Can’t find the 4th one. Where is the Golden Dijinn the FAQ talks about. Found the 3 in the bushes and water, and also have the thread.


  • Same here, can’t find the 4th piece…

  • Found it….tapped on a red plant, that I had walked over lots of times…lol

  • I just stashed a bunch of scrolls to some RANDOM SHELF because i thought that i’ll never need them. Oh, how wrong i was! One of the likely was a carpet piece, grouped together with scrolls. I never use scrolls, and i don’t collect them even for selling due to low resell value. And then i noticed that i have some scrolls in my inventory and stashed them SOMEWHERE 🙈🙈🙈🙈🫠🫠🫠 I’m dying! Oh nooooo….

  • Wheeeeew…. i was able to trace my steps back by looking at the quest log completed missions. And i found the shelf! Turns out i hadn’t dumped any carpet pieces, just normal spell scrolls 👍

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