Where are the other evil runes

I already unlocked the shack and used the fire bow to destroy three of the green haystacks that were inside; however, if I talk to Evil, he tells me I haven't destroyed them all. It feels like I already traversed the entire region, but I still cannot find it. :)


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    One of the cows there has a tummy ache. Maybe she swallowed an Evil Rune? Try casting the spell calm first. Then detect mind. Then drainmana. Welcome to the forum!

  • Think I might have killed the sick cow... is that possible? Was attacked by 2 mad cows killed them and well yeah 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully it wasn’t one of them

  • You can't kill the sick cow. You should do what I mentioned. Cast calm, detectmind, then drainmana. She's in the barn. There are no mad cows near her. She's in the Mideast of the barn.

  • Ok thanks I will try it again. I know there’s two in the barn. One just moos at me

  • It's the cow on the right as you enter. Use the spells in the order mentioned above.

  • I’ve tried the 3 spells above but all the cow does is say moooo. Am I missing another step?

  • Ignore my question. I wasn’t close enough to the cow. My bad lol

  • How did you unlock the shed? I am at the small house with the sign "Farmer Slatechop" and the bigger one (the shed). Tried tapping, hitting, unlock spell around the houses - didn't work

  • You go and talk to the sierre (sp?) in the northeast part of one of the nearby areas ( might be farmer daybe’s field but I can’t remember) and he will give you the key.

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