How to talk to Aldernon

Can anyone let me know what all is needed to talk to Aldernon ? I have the Whispering Breezes sphere. My persuade is 221, my Intellect is 243, my personality is 154. All he does is drop my hp to 10.


  • You need the Tranquilize wand.

  • Thanks Cat. Been looking. I saw another post but still can’t find. It.

  • Ok I give.up. Can’t find this thing. Also can’t find Blagosvky where it’s supposed to be (I think). Help please.

  • Guignol the Magician sells the wand but you might have to camp out in front of his store and sleep until it shows up in his inventory.

    You get to Blagsovoy's Fortress from a hole in Tail Peninsula.

  • Awesome! Thanks Cat!!

  • Sorry, I should have said I was playing the classic version. Does Simeon sell it?

  • In the Classic version, it can't be sold. You get the wand from Sphinx 67 in the Faculty Building. There is no Blagsovoy in the Classic version. That was added in HD.

  • Thanks for clarifying for me and for all the help.

  • Hey guys, I can see Aldernon in Cape Thunderbird but he is inside some trees. Tapping or hitting the trees was not working. I tried zapping Tranquilize wand from afar, didn’t help either.

    How to approach him and get rid of the trees? Any hints?
  • Got it now. I had just the thing in my inventory
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