ghost light and pieces of soul ore

hello how are my friends how are you !!, this time I got stuck with the search for Sir Brian at the University of Redshift that I can travel to the well of souls and bring him a ghost light and five pieces of soul ore to that I can forge a ghost fighting sword, I already have the ghost light, but the pieces of soul ore are nowhere to be found, could you please help me ?!😁


  • Dead soul ore is golden. You can find the ore in cracks of the walls there if you have the Soul Ore Detector which is on a shelf in the mideast of Well of Souls.

  • Thank you very much my friends😁
  • Where is this Well of Souls?

  • Never mind! Luckily I’ve taken screenshots of important dialogues

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    I was too quick to celebrate. Turns out I can’t find the entrance to Temple Of Hideous Phantoms. Could someone please tell me where is the entrance?

  • I answer myself after reading the forum:

  • I’m still stumped. Where is the entrance to the Well Of Souls?

  • Digging through another forum’s archives gave me the answer 😁 Thanks Cat for your previous explanations to previous adventurers!

  • Hello,

    long time no been :)

    I‘m replaying Luko II in the new edition, luckily I can‘t remember anything except vague feelings of „yeah, that was a pain in the a then as well“ :D

    I can‘t find the ghost light. I tapped, whacked and cursed the green pillar, but all I get are soul keys. I. t h i n k I tapped all walls, but I wouldn‘t bet my grandma on that. A little hint, please!?

    Cheers, Katrin

  • Hi, Dragonfly. It's good to see you again.

    It's on a blue candle in the far mideast beyond a gate that requires a Soul Key.

  • Thank you!!!

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