Well my long 27 years being in Taiwan is coming to a close soon. I am not expecting anything lol but I wish the rest of the expansions were already finished before I have to leave. The net is amazingly fast and unlimited both for mobile and home net. However, I'll be pretty much offline for the better part of anytime soon. Well, I hope that some how, some way I'll manage to leach of someone elses net when that time comes. To be fair, I have a tone of apps that could last me a few lifetimes but too lazy to get into them. I am really into the grid grind of Quest, Bard's Tale etc. Though I dabble in a lot of other RPGs. I finished Quest Proper and Thor's Hammer a week after starting them, now activated fire and ice. Even though it seems to have a really short quest list according to the wiki for the expansion. Nonetheless, will plough through that this week and get into some of the other expansions or just engage in some of the other apps I have to prolong the waiting time


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