Stumped with two quests left!

  1. Seal the wormhole...I can’t find the dream lord, have knocked on every door in Rybar Village. Not sure if I have the box with the multi colored bird, but there is a gray wall in the harem hallway just down from the magic carpet, but there is no indication that it is a fake wall.
  2. Three books...I need to find two-A History of Deathlesses and Grimm Brothers Grimoire. Where in this world are they? Thanks for your help.


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    You need to get the quest from Dr. Teseoglu in Belovodsk Palace Square to find the Dream Lord and convince him to close the worm hole--he sets the wormhole visible. The wormhole is a hole in a wood wall in the far southwest of Rybar Village. You don't have the bird--it's beyond that wall but you won't be able to remove that wall until you have the quest from the Dream Lord himself to bring him the bird. : ) So start with Dr. Teseoglu and then find that hole.

    The History of Deathlesses is in the Mole Tunnels under a cemetery. The Grimm Brothers Grimoire is on a yellow bush in just about the middle of Grim Brothers Forest. I may have left more than one around but these are sure things.

  • You’re a lifesaver! Thank you so much.

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