Stay safe - be a Hero(ine)-wear a mask-social distance-wash hands-masks are cool per Zorro

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Stay safe and listen to your government's advisories. This challenge of the corona virus will affect us all in one way or another. Schools are closed. Businesses are closed. People will lose their livelihoods and their lives.

For some of us, it will take our most heroic qualities to survive. Here in the US and other countries, they want to flatten the curve of people getting sick and dying by people staying home. If that's what it takes, stay home, if you can. If you can't, try to protect yourself.

I had to serve on jury duty this week which meant sitting in a crowd of people, many of them were wearing masks. I wrapped my scarf around my mouth and wasn't ashamed to do it.

We are all at war and the enemy is unseen. If the only way to attack it is to try to avoid it, let's try.

I wish you all and your families good health.


  • here in the uk, schools and businesses are still open,i reckon by this Friday we will go into lockdown and everything shuts, we have had about 1000 infections and 100 deaths but haven't checked news in a while, it goes up daily.
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    I watch your news on Sky News. Saw Boris' address the other day. He seemed very worried. Liz, my co-quest creator for many of the games is in the UK and is in the vulnerable age range. We keep in touch every day and so I keep up that way better with your news. It's hard for her and her husband to stay in. Lars, Old Shaman, is quarantined at home in Sweden, not because he's sick but because they are just staying at home there. He's also in the vulnerable age range. It's good to hear how things are going in different parts of the world. Some of us are behind. Some are ahead.

    We're a bit behind here but trying to catch up. I think it's essential for every country to try to prevent what is happening in Italy. Take care. It's a big adjustment. My family are all working from home or schooling from home but that doesn't provide a great shield because someone in the family has to go out to shop.

    All my favorite small local shops are all closed to sit down business, only take-out allowed. I don't know how they can survive because few people want to go inside. I'm not psychologically ready for losing so much of my world yet. It's hard. I've gone into these shops for years, know all the people, they'll most likely close. I think it helps to talk about it a little and not just keep it all inside.

    On a positive note, I'm becoming a very good home cook, specializing in Mexican, Chinese and Indian dishes based on rice, pasta and different kinds of beans. Supermarkets have little to nothing but I got some stuff before they were raided.

    And, of course, I can work from home on the games.

  • IRL side quests. Today I scored Brawny paper towels and the last bottle of bleach on Cali is on lockdown except for essential services as of today. We're a home-schooling family of introverts, so our day-to-day hasn't changed too, too much; but these games are a very welcome distraction from reality, so Thank You All. Stay safe.

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    I hope the games provide some distraction. It helps me to work on them now. Children help because they give you a day to day routine. Pets do that too.

    Having a routine is psychologically very important imho. We stocked up a few weeks ago on basic supplies. I can make a killer stir fry and rice and beans for at least two months.

    But paper towels and toilet paper will eventually run out. Hoping to keep up with that. Looking at cloth dish towels to substitute for paper towels.

    NYC is on lock down effective this Sunday.

    My family is working from home or home schooling via the internet and that's how we keep in touch right now.

    Stay safe. I had a few painters' masks because I had painted my apartment last year. I gave some of them to a few vulnerable friends. A lot of people are wearing masks outside right now. I think you might be able to make your own with gauze and some plastic cut out of milk bottles.

    We have to stay strong and try to help each other. That's how we'll get through.

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    The problem with masks is that certain ones are more effective than others, and the most effective ones are also the most effective at cutting off your air supply ,which is dangerous to those who are infected (since it is viral pneumonia).

    And what no one tells you is that the disease is somewhere between airborne and droplet precations, which means you should be wearing goggles, too, because a sneeze can get in your eyes and then transfer to your tear ducts and down into your sinuses which can, occasionally, drain into your lungs (people who get bronchitis with every cold they get should be very aware of this). No one's preparing to go for a swim right now, so i doubt you'll find effective googles, and i'm not even sure if the ones for nurses are actually effective (I'll see if my LPN girlfriend ever gets the equipment, since her place of employment was actively choosing not to stock up on PPE, and is now saying she gets 1 mask per week which she's supposed to keep in a single plastic bag [which 30 seconds of rubbing 2 braincells together would tell you that means the mask becomes more dangerous than not even wearing one]).

    Given the incubation period, which WHO was going on, now China's disagreeing with WHO and advising is longer than WHO says (which explains why it it kept breaking containment, since quarantines weren't long enough), it's also important to know that most people are infections way, way before they even know they show symptoms, let alone know they're sick, let alone know they have the virus (you apparently shed during incubation period and the symptoms are largely not noticeable until it infects a certain percentage of lung tissue). I just heard a rumor from some reliable sources that a major Kosher factory in the US has had it's first confirmed case. I've been told by Israelies that they've seen the products in their stores (i used to work at the place, so when Israelies find out they're quick to inform me that they buy it).

    The best thing you can do is become a hermit, treat everything that comes from outside as infectious, but at the same time you need to eat and such, because you don't want to be weak if you do get infected. In america, 25% of Gen-Z and Millenials are requiring hospitalization, so this isn't the "boomer doomer" that everyone thinks it is, and, even if it was, we should be keeping the boomers in mind anyway. To intentionally pass this on to someone is treated as attempted murder for a reason. Only go out for things you need (buying in bulk is healthy, just don't be one of those people that deprives other peoples' opportunities to do the same, so maybe buy a little extra each time, but not alot and eventually you'll accumulate a month's supply, hopefully before any complete lockdowns occur where you can't even buy food [they won't last long, because unenforceable amounts of people will break curfews if they get hungry, so there's no reason to panic about food as long as you have a month's supply of long-term food-storage]), wash what you can wash, and cook thoroughly. I'm not sure if the capsid breaks down in high temps or not, but you need to eat, and avoiding any secondary bacterial infections that could complicate the situation is imperative. Outside of that, enjoy your vacations, because you won't be getting many as you're trying to catch up on bills when this is all over.

    We're going to have on and off quaranteen periods until at least next june, probably as late as november. Think long term about things you'll need during these periods. A month or two worth of long-term-storable food, an air conditioner for heat waves, heating in cold months, humidifier if you get infected and want to decrease the chances of passing it on if someone has to come into your house (EMTs), things like that. Toilet paper is not useful: do like the asian countries: use water. If you don't have a bidee, i'm sure you at least have a shower. Wash your hands, use your shirt or gloves, and don't rub your eyes or pick your nose. Outside of this, there's not much more you can do.

  • Here in New York City, that is more or less what we're trying to do. A lot of people have left the city, so there is not as much hoarding as was before. I actually found toilet paper and only took four when I could have taken 40 because there were little old men and women shopping at the same time as I was. We're just staying in. Have discovered a wonderful that you can use to order from stores in NYC and the food is reasonably priced and fresh. I got a bunch of nice stuff from a local Indian superstore and was surprised that the delivery woman arrived in a sari with mask and gloves.

  • I'm in pennsylvania, and central PA is having huge TP issues, but TP's hardly a necessity. I'm more worried about what the governor does than anything else. At this point the disease itself is a secondary concern.

    Thanks for the tip, but unfortunately, i'm outside of their service area. That's a really nice idea, though. Walmarts have a service where you can get the employees to shop for you and you can pick it up at a hub, which is helpful. Unfortunately, the problem with these services is "What happens when they get infected and don't know it?" However, you're still far, far more limited when it comes to contact with others.

    This is one of those times that all those people that are "afraid of the internet" can learn how to better utilize it. There's no reason you need to go to a mass gathering to catch up with your friend joe. What i find interesting is that supposedly Tinder's usage has gone down. However, that's just a rumor as far as i can tell. I don't know if it would be a response to scamming or the lack of the ability to connect beyond a screen.

  • We have been wearing masks outside since this whole infection started even though it wasn't advised unless you're sick. I had painter's masks left over from painting and one good N95 mask from sanding. Just explained to people I wasn't sick but being careful.

    Now they say even cloth masks should always be worn outside or wrap a scarf around your nose and mouth.

    You can buy washable cloth masks on Amazon but delivery is horrendously far in the future.

    You can however buy them on ebay with a much faster delivery time if you can't find them locally and who can? Etsy might have better delivery time too but haven't tried there.

    I spray the mask with Seventh Generation non toxic disinfectant spray when home, front and back just to keep it sanitary.

  • Hope all my fellow Questers are safe!
  • Happy holidays. Stay safe! Facetime your family and friends. I'm sure there are ways of staying in touch that I don't even know about. : )

  • We are asked to stay home except for essential services here in Canada it will get worse before it gets better stay safe everyone .
    Thanks for the games the help pass the time and keep worried minds occupied,

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    Making them keeps me occupied while having to stay inside. Same here. We shop once a week for essential items and wear masks and gloves. Some grocery stores have really hiked the prices but then a lot of people fled New York City and they have to pay their rent. The infection has plateaued here but every day the deaths are over 600 people. Each statistic is a real person and that's hard.

  • Sorry to hear that there are so many deaths there . Way to many people are dieing with this virus. Stay safe everyone if you can stay home .

    My partner still goes to work each day .
    I worry about him.

  • I hope he can take a safe means of getting to his work. I feel your worry. It's something we all have to live with for ourselves and our loved ones for awhile. Try to make sure he has a mask and disposable gloves for traveling.

    I wish the states had the power to give masks and disposable gloves and hand sanitizer to everyone here. Everyone has to fend for themselves. Of course, the front line, those who work in the hospitals and grocery stores, pharmacies, transit workers, etc. should come first but it's not easy for the rest of us to find this stuff. I was lucky because I had painters' masks and an N95 mask left over from a project. But there are an awful lot of people in NYC who are not wearing masks. Homeless people for example. It's not right.

  • He seems to be doing ok he drives to work and they have to social distance also the company is going to issue masks for when they are unable to distance .
    It is scary but everyone needs to do their part.
    They may be going out on strike who knows they are voting this week .
    You never know what might happen now a days.

    Thanks everyone for the quest expansion games they occupy our mind and help to keep us sane.

  • There is so much loss. I think we are all Heroes. I never thought the word Hero or Heroine would stand for so much suffering but it does. Every night, we bang our pots and pans still for all the hospital workers, postal workers, essential business workers like those who are in the supermarket with their brave masks and shields, garbage collectors, subway and bus workers and for the dead. And for those who have lost their jobs and for those who are hungry.

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    There is to much death world wide, the number of people who have died just keeps climbing it will be a different world after all this pandemic is over.

    We are doing ok here but the virus keeps getting closer to home every day .

    Stay safe all.

    I am reading and playing quest to keep my mind busy. But I worry about friends and family and the world.

    In my family there are a doctor and a nurse and other health care workers who are out there on a regular basis it is a very scary situation and I worry about them all the time when I am not occupied.

    Thank you all for helping to keep my mind occupied .

    Stay safe .

  • I can't imagine what it must be like to have to help the patients in the wards. I salute your relatives who are out there. The virus expresses itself now in so many different ways. I hope there will be reliable treatment and a vaccine and a day when there will be no deaths and less stress, danger and sadness for the valiant first responders.

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    I will be wearing a mask here in New York City through Christmas and after until there is a vaccine. I will not be eating out in restaurants or even getting takeout or coffee from restaurants until there is a vaccine. I have learned to cook and enjoy it tremendously. It's a creative way to stay safe. I will not be riding the subway or even buses through Christmas and after until there is a vaccine.

    We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves safe. For ourselves and for the people who love us.

    Remember that, no matter what anyone else tells you. I don't want to be a statistic. I don't want you to be a statistic either. I don't want anyone you love to be a statistic or a body bag.

    Use your head and common sense. Every life is precious (especially to me mine). The value of a life has no price tag.

    We are all responsible for ourselves and others staying safe.

    I have many vulnerable people in my family to protect so I'll play it safe for them. Hope you all do the same for yourselves and your loved ones and your neighbors.

  • Stay safe Cat I have been wearing a mask when I go shopping for a long time now otherwise at home there is just hubby and myself so we should be ok .

    I hope the find a reliable vaccine and it works for everyone .

  • I hope so too. Meanwhile, it isn't hard to wear a mask and it's respectful. It doesn't have to be political. It's just respect for the elders and everyone. Stay safe too. NYC is doing good in the numbers but it will be awhile before I ride the subway or the bus. And we bought goggles to wear on both. Now we are masked and gloved and goggled.

    If you think about it, it's kind of romantic and mysterious to dress like that. And it seems to keep us safe.

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