And now What?

Hi, what should I play now?
In photo below is a screenshot of my tablet with my games (android)


  • There's Mithril Horde I and soon Asteroids I should be out. :)

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    Mithril horde i is not on Greece's Google play store. How would i download it? Thanks for the reply
  • Did you try The Quest Horde? Otherwise I don't know how to help you sadly.
  • I ve realize The Quest Horde and The Quest Horde I is actualy the same game and i ve finished it :smiley:
    So i have to wait for Asteroids!!!!

  • Have patience. : ) And thank you for buying our games!

  • Hi Catacomber, it could be a good idea to have a locked thread (no possible response) to keep us update with the status of the games (waiting for google approval, in conversion, to do, etc...)? like that you will avoid the same question over and over ;-)

  • It would be a good idea but I never know the exact status of when the games will be released as only Elendil and Apple and Android know that. : ) Once I upload the games to Steam and send them to Elendil, I'm as in the dark as you are until the release.

  • Dear Cat
    I have got an Acer Chromebook laptop PC for emergency internet access if my (t)rusty old PC packs in. AS far as I know its OS is Google Chrome.
    Will the base Quest game and all your marvellous expansions work on this operating system and if they do where are they obtainable?

  • I don't know the answer to that. You would have to write and ask him any questions you might have about Chrome.

  • Thanks Cat, I will try that.
    Sorry to have bothered you.

  • It's no bother at all. It's just that he has the knowledge. : ) Thank you for buying our games.

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