Gosh that was short !

Finished before I even thought I had properly started, love the series, but this left me feeling cheated VFM wise, no wonder it was free on steam, wish that was my format instead of Android 😕


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    Sorry. Mithril Horde has always been my favorite expansion. I took a lot of pleasure in making it. Short doesn't mean it didn't get love.

    It wasn't free on Steam for any reason except to give the GOG users an expansion to play as I haven't set up Itchio yet.

    If you are that unhappy, please ask for a refund. Can you not do that?

    I could not ask Redshift to put it up on Apple and the Google play store for free because getting any expansion ready for those platforms is an awful lot of work. And they are entitled to be paid. For me to put up an expansion on Steam is very little work.

    I sincerely hope you can get the refund.

  • If you can't get a refund for some reason, consider that the roughly 60 cents I got from your sale goes towards paying back a hospital bill for my rescue cat Zeus who suffered jaundice last year. The bill was over $5000 dollars but now he's fine so that was good VFM value for money and the sixty cents I get from your purchase will go towards paying that off.

    I do hope though that you can get a refund.

  • You can only get a refund on Google play for about 10 minutes after you bought it or some similar short time span , yeah times are hard for everyone, just gone 3 months (and continuing) without any money due to lockdown, but I was just shocked & disappointed it was so short, keep up the great work, one bad apple doesn't ruin the whole orchard 😉

  • I have all the expansions on Android, be them short or be them long. I would be hard pressed to find any other app that has so much dedication in expanding the game proper with all the expansions. And with still more coming, I could hardly complain how short one expansion might be vs others. Sometimes it is nice to have a short but sweet story expansion, and not feeling like it will never end. Just don't end the expansions from coming. :D

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