The Quest veteran looking forward to replaying all the Classic expansions :D

God...such a long time has passed, I still remember my old guide back in the day when I was 12 and had a horrendous, terrible English (in fact, just been beginning to apply that knowledge and use it more often hehe) ,

I'm really looking forward to replaying the main game and all the classic expansions on my iOS device (because i'm still waiting for the renewed version to support all the old expansions :wink: ), I'm really happy to see you still working and flourishing, Cat, I think you're the only one left in the Zarista?I vaguely remember other contributors like Jamie, Eyex, I think, Michele Laconto, they've probably all moved on, yet I still remember them and think of them fondly :smile:

I'm thinking of maybe starting to save all the quest dialogues along with the descriptions in separate text files for the base game and each expansion, if I ever (when I learn enough of gamedev :smiley: ) decide to make a free open-source text/ASCII RPG, it would be an honor to replicate The Quest with it's expansions in such form, this game does indeed mean a lot to me :blush:

I've recently bought Jade's eye because for some reason I did not own it, so now yeah it's time for a crazy long walkthrough :smiley:

I hope you all, we all stay safe during these dire times, especially you, Cat, I'm well aware how messy situation in New York is right now, stay safe :smile:


  • Hi, Kenan, it's great to see you. Dr. Vlad of Zarista is happily the patriarch of his family and wrapped up in his job. Old Shaman and Michele are still testing. Michele LaConto just finished testing Asteroids I (for probably the tenth time--she is extraordinarily patient and wonderful).

    You'd have to ask about using the dialogue files in any rpg as they have a copyright. Our dialogues are also copyrighted because it's part of a contract I have with Dr. Vlad and Elisabeth Arnold who wrote many of the quests, dialogues and books. I can't break those contracts.

    New York City is now the opposite of what it started out as. The numbers in New York are now low. Everyone wears masks and socially distances. I'm well and thank you so much for asking and wishing me safety.

    I wish the same to you. Stay well and productive. I think the idea of a free open=source text/ASCII RPG is a good idea. While I can't give you permission to use Zarista dialogues because of the complicated legal stuff, I hope you'll follow through. It shouldn't be hard to start and maybe I could contribute at some point. : )

  • Oh thank you for such a heart-warming answer, Cat, I really appreciate it :smile: , I’m glad that most of the old team is still into TQ and continues to make great contributions to it :smiley:

    Now yes, hehe, the idea regarding copying dialogues is a bit dumb, now that I think of it, really idiotic from me in fact :lol:

    Especially considering that in terms of mechanics the game has moderately/medium level but not overly complicated system (like in Skyrim with it’s 3D shenanigans)

    Moreover, having played many roguelikes, I think that it may even be possible to use JSON or Lua files for making the maps (i’m quite interested, if you know as well, but i’m probably putting too much burden on your shoulders with these technical questions :smile: , maybe will have to ask Elendil himself), it even seems like one bordered global overmap uses exactly a 24x24 grid

    Moreover, I would be very interested to know what programming language the game was written in and how long it took to make it :smiley:

    Anyway, i’m really happy to hear from You, guys, now hope I don’t get stuck again on some quest after a few year long hiatus :smiley:
  • The game was written in C, C++. I don't know how long it took to make it. I don't know about ISON or Lua. Elendil would know more. I don't think your idea about the dialogues was dumb but legal stuff gets in the way.

  • Yep, ive started from the beginning again too :) it’s so frustrating tho battling creatures with a sword that does 8-10 damage 😹

  • It's fun though. : )

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