A new home for the hero?

Hello! Sorry to bother with another question, but do any of the expansions provide an additional residence for your character? I've got the one from the main game, but the two shelves are...well, two. And I. Was not sure if one of your expansions had a player home in it.



  • I have only played the HD expansions, however upon successfully completing them I have usually received a key to a room that has shelves for permanent storage. Here is a list as best as I can recall/determine (ordered by expansion):

    • Isles of Ice and Fire(#) - no residence
    • Thor's Hammer - room in Stonely Castle
    • Celtic Rift - room in Castle Loegria
    • HoL I - room in Volshba School of Magic
    • HoL II - large room at Order of the Sword
    • Macha's Curse - room in Red Branch Knights' Castle
    • Celtic Queen - room in Crest Castle
    • HoL III - castle at Fort Pokoygrad
    • Caerworn Castle - room in Caerworn Castle
    • Celtic Doom - do not recall or did not mark the location
    • HoL IV - no residence
    • Basilisk's Eye - no residence

    I am currently playing HoL V so I do not know about that one, but I noticed something that makes me think that I will get a room at the Military School upon successful completion.

    If there is an error or discrepancy in the above list, I am sure that Cat (or somebody) will correct me.

    [(#) Isles of Ice and Fire is Redshifts' expansion, so if you have any questions about it check the forums at 'redshift.hu'. All others are Zarista expansions.]

  • Something I forgot to mention...

    Cat has thoughtfully scattered a few shelves of Permanent Storage around in each of the Zarista expansions; they are either plainly labelled as such or an NPC will state that they are so. (For instance, I can recall three or four such places in Thor's Hammer as well as "The Boardroom of the Gods" in Celtic Rift.)

  • Celtic Doom--No but the shelves in the Dungeon Masters' Guild all have permanent storage.
    HolIV--No. But the shelves in the Royal Headquarters all have permanent storage.
    Basilisk's Eye--You get a Magic Lamp. : )
    HolV--You have an office in the Faculty Building.

  • Played all HD expansions, but still using old good Home in Mithria (nostalgy). There is enough room, have controll upon all my equipment in one place and anyway I'm always starting new expansion from there...

  • Mithril Horde 1 provides you with a suite of rooms by the end of it...great idea.

  • I'm with Aeon here. ☺️👍

    No matter of which home/rooms that we get from any expansions, our 'Home' in Mithria from 'The Quest' main will ALWAYS be my 'True Home', for that's where I belong at. ☺️
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