Full list of The Quest expansions

Hello (this one is aimed at Cat) - I've updated my list, is it still accurate? Am I missing anything?

I also added a link to these forums from the page!



  • It's accurate so far but Thor's Hammer is HD. Thanks a lot for posting that.

    HOLV HD when it's released will be level 80.

    Elemental Asteroids and Escape from Asteroids will be released after that as Asteroids I HD. Level 5 probably.

  • Great thanks! I'll correct it now.

    So the two Asteroids games are being combined?

  • Yes, because they are so similar. There are three Asteroids games on Classic. Elemental Asteroids and Escape from Asteroids are similar in many respects. Elemental Asteroids was an older version of Escape. They'll be Asteroids I. Then Attack from Asteroids will come later at some point as Asteroids II.

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