I'm stumped

I'm stuck in 3 tasks:

Glacial powder-I've found it, but I can't get past the spikes/bumper space. I've even tried to grab it as I'm being pushed back. A Bogatyr says stealth in the river, and I've charmed it to 254, to no avail

Durakis cure-unless it's in Kozney's (i'm stumbling thru the first floor), I've missed it somewhere

mining emeralds-I've walked all the river/cliffs and am missing it, is it in Stuhka Cave?

I will be thankful for help--I'm almost out of hairs on my head to pull out


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    This is the Classic version. Working now on the port to HD. It's on the shelf in the north of the Ice Witch's Castle. If you step on one of the traps in the south, you'll remove the spot that prevents you from getting the Glacial Powder.

    You can find the Cure Durakis Curse potion by exploring the Underwater Kingdom. It's on a short piece of grass in the far northwest.

    Who gave you the quest to mine emeralds? Is it emeralds or topaz?

  • classic version. I'm sorry, I meant to put that in. It's topaz, not emeralds
  • I found the quarry. Thank you for all of the help! I love these games
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