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I was reading in one of the threads in the Redshift Community that you should keep your Hammer of the Witches and Cat's Rock. Where do I find the Cat's Rock?

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Postby Catacomber » Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:06 am

Post and ye shall solve. : ) Glad you got through. Answered about items--a lot of them are from the base game so can't say about them.

Keep Hammer of Witches and Cat's Rock. : )_**

I am nearly finished with "Thor's Hammer" but having difficulty activating Consensus of Giants, also I forgot the location of the Blue Fairy and I still wanted to get some items from one of the floors on shelves. Also I am not 100% sure I got her permission to go into the circle or not.

I would appreciate some help with those questions. I'll be roaming around seeing if I can't relocate the Ice Caves and location of the Blue Fairy.



  • Cat's Rock might be in more than one expansion so not sure which rock you mean.

    Consensus of Giants: "For Frosthyr the Frost Giant, Ice Caves, find his brethren frost giants in Jotunheim and summon them to a consensus on whether to help the villagers."

    What does Frosthyr say when you talk to him.? He asks you if you want to find his brother Aegon and you either answer yes or no.

    Blue Fairy is in her Eyrie. You get there via a ladder from the far northeast of The Old Tunnels. You get into that part of the Old Tunnels from a hole in Foggy Islands. Either you can go into the circle of mushrooms or not. If you can't, you don't have her permission.

    The entrance to the Ice Caves is from a hole in the far northeast of Jotunheim.

  • Okay, thanks :smile:

    As for the Cat's rock, I am not sure either. In the thread I read, I just found you saying that you should keep it and the Hammer of the Witches.

    I did find a rock in Thor's Hammer expansion, but can't remember where I was supposed to use it. I am still holding on to the rock in case I go back to figure out what I was supposed to use it on.

    Otherwise I have finished the expansion minus those few things and working on Quest Proper and will activate the next quest in order. :smiley:


  • Here is Frosthyr if you had trouble finding him.

  • Great. That will be helpful, thanks.

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