Any plans to do this in HD version. I know it was not your game but is always been one of my favorites in the classic


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    Cursed Chess Set is our game. : ) Yes, eventually, we'll get there. Doing them one at a time.

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    All the games listed on this site are our games. We have different contributors or collaborators for different stories, which are laid out in the credits for each game.

    We intend to port them all as long as Redshift is willing and I see no problem with that.

    I have some really nice chess piece graphics for the HD version and looking forward to porting it but it probably won't be this year. We're doing a new expansion next and then most likely Hero of Lukomorye IV and possibly Celtic Doom if I don't lose all my nine lives. I'll try to shift it up to a priority in the que however after those.

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