Questions and Repair and Enchant.

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Is increasing your Repair skill necessary once you have Credne's (Gnome Depot, etc.) repair hammer? It repairs in one strike, seemingly making the Repair skill inconsequential. Does the Repair skill affect anything else like the longevity of weapons and armor, for example?

What attributes affect my ability to Enchant items myself? Obviously Environmental Magic but what else? Even with my EM at 620 I can only enchant to around 2575. Does boosting Intelligence help? Or even Fortify Magic?

Thank you for any help!


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    1. Raising repair skill over 120 is inconsequential
    2. Fortify magic will have the most effect once you have env. magic this high. Try potions from different shops. Intelligence doesn't affect enchanting.
  • Great, thank you for the info on Repair. And, you're absolutely correct about Fortify Magic. I did some experimenting last night and discovered that it provides the biggest gains to Enchant.

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