I have a confession, I'm horrible at this game

I should say I'm horrible in the way that I play it. I can't remember the last time that I started the game, concentrated on the main quest line to completion on any expansion let alone the base game. I've been doing the murder hobo thing where I bounce from one place to another. Oh I got another Quest, cool but I feel like going back to *insert expansion here* and doing this instead. I just seem to roam about. Oh I complete quests but I play it like it's a Elder $croll game and just wonder about.

I really enjoy playing it the way that I do but I also feel foolish because I'm sure I'm missing out by don't this.

I keep saying one day I'm going to stick to a plot and stay on it.


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    Just enjoy it as you are. You can gain experience and collect a lot of fine items. : )

    For any main quest, use paper and pencil and take the steps one at a time. Use the walkthroughs or just wander around and explore.

    I have a confession to make too. I enjoy doing the graphics more than the coding. : )

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    All I can say is - there is a myriad of religions that are extremely similar to one another and very few that are different. I think, as a person who is religious or respects religion, that being religious is being different. But you are free to try all things as you see fit, because it's most important to see the truth for yourself. I respect you and your choices, @Brash

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