Unlearning Spells

Following up on a post from last year. You had said you might try to implement unlearning of spells in Ragnar's Revenge. You had asked for five spells, which I provided. I know you're still working on this expansion. Just wondering if you were able to add that feature. Enjoying Cursed Chess Set. Thanks.


  • Which were the five spells again?
  • Is it possible? That feature sounds awesome! For one, it could let players reorganize their base game spells, or make challenges easier to start without starting over at lvl.1
  • It is possible.

  • @Joe99-- I found the list. You will be able to unlearn them.

  • Professor Lethe in Helheim's School of Unlearning Magic.

  • Thank you so much for being open to suggestions from Quest fans and continually improving the game.

  • You're welcome. It will cost you though. : ) Save up. 50,000 a spell. Unlearning is not cheap. : )

  • Thanks for the heads-up regarding the cost. I'll be ready.

    I'm currently playing Cursed Chess Set and just inadvertently learned Thunderglow from Honx, so now I have another unwanted attack spell. I don't know how hard it was to implement unlearning spells, but if it is not too much trouble or too late in development, could you add Thunderglow to Helheim's School of Unlearning Magic?

  • Sure. It's now located in Helheim's Well of Forgetting.

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