Lukomorye and Harry Potter similarities

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I'm pretty sure it's not intentional (only Dr. Vlad knows). Just wondering what that type of story could be called. Deathless Villain in a Magic World?

  1. Both have a School of Magic as a crucial part of the story (I could say more but that would be too big of a spoiler).
  2. Both have a villain who wants to rule over everyone with evil
  3. In both the villain is deathless and his death is in a bunch of items/ living creatures scattered throughout the world (two can move)


  • I had that same question going in my head while playing HOLIII. I was wondering about the timing between the later Harry Potter books and the release date of HOLIII, and therefore if the storyline may have been a direct reference or a co-evolution. Of course Kozney was in place as a character going back to HOLI, but I don't think that the nature of his deathlessness goes that far back.

  • I think at the point of HOLII, Silvergirl and Argimon spun the story line in a direction they wanted to go. :) Also Martelius was a big Harry Potter fan. It's always been true that many of the characters in our stories are real people.
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