Reason for this thread

Here is a place to think hard about The Quest.

It doesn't need to be something exceptionally clever, no.

It's about trying to find answers in stories - why certain things happened in the games.

And I will give wrong answers every now and then, and so could you because all of our beliefs are limited, because we're not universal humans.

Maybe you are. I welcome you. Maybe not at all. I welcome you.

Feel free to post strange things, emotional things, things that nobody ever bothered to understand. Call me names if I answer inconsiderately. It's all for you - so you could get the truth you want, be it personal or simple curiosity etc.

WARNING: some posts here may be almost impossible to understand. Don't feel bad about it. It may or may not be important, but don't torture yourself if it becomes THAT hard. Like torture, I mean.

Now, let's raise a toast for for free and joyful talk! (only fortify and resistance potions are available for this toast, no mush rum or black beer; that's because only Ultimate class potions can be purchased here, sorry)


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    Just one comment--name-calling, abusive behavior of any kind, posting strange things is not allowed in this forum. I think that's something we all know by now. Try to keep things on topic, not too long and helpful. Helpful is the key word. That's what this forum is here for.

    There are only two reasons to be here: to help or to get help. And most of the expansions are so old, I don't have any idea why things happened except it was someone's fancy. :smile:

    That said, if anyone has questions about why things happened, if I can remember and know, I will answer.

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    Of course it can be helpful in life to think over something deeply!

    I agree - no name-calling. By strange things I mean if you're unlike everyone else around you, don't be too shy to share your thoughts ;)

    There's a presumption I make - that a story adds to itself without the writer noticing it.
    One game creator I was a big fan of before made that point inside of his game.
    A good popular story example would be crystal balls in the Harry Potter films. In the fifth film one ball basically says that Harry won't win which means he shouldn't even try, and that the villain needs to kill Harry. The thing is, it's a lie. Don't do divination!
    Spoiler alert

    I mean, Voldemort is being framed into simply killing a part of his life so he will eventually die because he believed that he must kill the brave and kind boy and Harry is told to be discouraged but he didn't believe the crystal ball so he won.

    In the last book J. K. Rowling, I think, forgot that the story was complete - the good guys actually won and all that, so boys had very difficult struggles in the most recent Harry Potter book, like in all films, even though it could be a book about peace and happiness in my humble opinion.

  • That's an interesting concept--that a game adds to itself without the writer noticing it.

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