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Just found out I had bought this game long ago, so I've decided to play this for a while and finish it.

I found the joke about how "human nature doesn't change" in the center of Core City somewhat suggestive) And suggestive ideas are not for sharing, so I'll just leave it as a note for the future to think about the joke's implications.

Cat, I have a favour to ask: could you please hold on with Elemental Asteroids port (if you have plans for it this year) until I replay it and think carefully about the implications of its story for people? Since it was I who asked you to make it available I feel responsible for it. In case the story has suggestive logic much like in horde II where there was a spiritual dead Bethlusaa in a book that was resurrected somehow, I would ask for some editing or not releasing it in HD altogether or it may be perilous for children, any human's mental health (schizo, epilepsy etc.) and more


  • Hi, DeMenchev. I hadn't planned on releasing it in HD because it's so similar to Asteroids in many ways, But I would hesitate to change the story as it's Liz's story and I don't like to change her work.
  • It does indeed have the same feeling in elemental sectors.

    It reminded me - I wonder what God meant by "make you a new heart and a new spirit" in Ezekiel's chapter 18: "Cast away from you all your transgressions, whereby ye have transgressed; and make you a new heart and a new spirit: for why will ye die, O house of Israel? For I have no pleasure in the death of him that dieth, saith the Lord GOD: wherefore turn yourselves, and live ye."

    So what is making a new spirit exactly? Can we make a new spirit by creating a new feeling that's unique to e. g. a game?

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    I think making a new spirit is, for example, when a people is worn down by disease and/or war and/or enslavement or other crushing experiences and somehow they find the will and heart to rise up and live and love and work and raise their children and worship their God. : )

    Making a new game is a form of creative expression that can be infused with spirit, old or new. : )

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    Well, I think you can put it this way, yes. Too bad - many people nowadays have tried different non-religious spirituality and find crushing experiences (often mildly, but I hear severe cases now) as something "meant to be". That's right - thinking it's a positive thing. Unknowingly, of course. So it's become personal... This is the spirit I want to replace with at least a curse from God for me. I'm scared I may hurt others so they think bad of me and reject me. That's a nutcase part of me. But also I don't want anybody I know to die. Not even abusers. I hate the pain of this thought. I didn't choose this psychology :smile: So because of the good feelings about crushingly bad things I'm against whatever urges me - as long as it doesn't do or say things that can be called non-random miracles, meaning they are better than any human works (of hands, of imagination etc). But should I say I don't stand a chance? King Ja'far al Abra quote comes to mind. It doesn't matter how a story starts - it always produces wisdom. So no games with stories can be without any good in them ever, even if you wanted to. Sometimes when you look at real facts you believe in absolute evil here and there, but stories, I mean, narratives with numerous characters, remind us there's hope for this world.

    Linkin Park songs helped me make up my mind on oh so many matters this last #@$%ing year which I obviously hate. I like how I can talk my way through things this way without making you tired of whatever I'm babbling about :smile:

  • While talking your way through spiritual references to the game is fine, it might be a good idea however to make a discussion topic for philosophical comments on the game under General. People looking for help in specific thread topics have an awful lot to read through and English is not everyone's first language among players.

  • Hmm I tried not to be too philosophical. Here I'm sharing a not-so-good side of me and then saying that as I struggle with me I may not win (Ja'far al Abra is Horde II - it's not something I can overcome in flesh and blood he said). Sure it's not good even for philosophy, I'll try to keep it short when it comes to my ego next time ^^

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    It's philosophy all right, I got it

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