Three questions

How to join the Cheesemakers' Guild? The side door always says "no answer".
Where's Slobber? I've knocked on all the doors but I can't find it.
What to do with the green sphere near Old Shaman that says "the sphere is cold"?


  • HI,
    sorry wrong, it was Tower in Your Pocket no Cursed Chess Set.

  • Tower in your Pocket is so old I don't even have a copy of it any more.

    But the idea of joining the guild should be the same. Do quests for the Guild members. When you finish them all, tap the sphere or talk to Slobber.
  • Ah, that old version with harder monsters and from the time when you had to tap, tap to make progress. I'm not sure I have it too, but good luck. You can also send me your copy to anff3 at mail dot ru in case you're still stuck

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