How do uou play?

I am curious about how people play this game. I was wondering if people would be willing to share the particulars on how they experience, the quest.

I like to search the entire map before I dig too deep into the quests. I’ll solve the easier ones as I stumble across them, but most of them are solved after I’ve got a good layout of the land. I search the squares space by space, what I call, mowing the lawn.. I go back-and-forth on each row to try and hit up every space as much as possible. Those stickler trees get in the way, but I do the best I can.

I play in iOS, and I take pretty extensive notes in notepad. It’s a little tedious, but I don’t wanna miss anything. Sometimes Cat forgets to put some of the particular information in The Quest details, so I wanna capture it myself. I put at least one mark in every map section and dungeon for easy travel. I get frustrated if I forget, I have a hard time remembering where that pesky dungeon is at three in the morning.

I try and complete every quest but realistically, I probably miss two or three each game. They are always some quests that dont seem to work right or I didn’t understand it right and I give up and move on. Honestly without this board I don’t know how I would finish the games. I’m just not smart, or determined enough lol power

Thanks cat for you’re fantastic game creation, and imagination, and all the time you spent answering the questions.

So everybody, how do you play?


  • This game proves for me it’s all about the journey, not the reward. I mean, really, how many enchantable swords do I really need. It’s the dopamine rush I get one checking off another quest as completed that keeps me coming back.

  • Thank you for your kind words. I think you'll find that people have been playing the quest for so long, you might not get that many responses. You can look over lengthy responses to similar questions at for additional views. I basically play the same way you do. I search the entire map before digging too deeply into quests.

    It's very true that I don't always give enough information in the quest log, so keeping some notes can be very helpful. I've tried to get better about this.

    I also lawn mow the surface map before digging too deeply into the dungeons. I have to do that because sometimes some areas can get cut off and I have to make sure you can't fall off the map into a hole. : )

    When I first started playing though, I did things a little differently. I went to Mithria in the base game as soon as possible to get the high power items. And picked up quests along the way only if I needed to solve them to get to that goal.

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