Is “The Quest 2” officially dead.

Hi Cat - it appears that the previous site dedicated to “The Quest 2” has been locked and no updates for more than 2 years. Could you please check if this project is now officially dead?


  • Redshift or else? It is still semi active. But it is confusing why the cursed chess set hasn't been released, but there were The Quest updates very recently.

  • As far as I know, they are still working on it which is why Cursed Chess Set hasn't been updated but that is all I know. You can check the forum at and look under the thread Betrayed (the Quest II).

    Hoping Cursed Chess Set will be uploaded in February. I will keep you posted. I want to finish Ragnar's Revenge, port Cursed Stone and Dragon Jade and work on at least one more new expansion later this year.

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