Quick expansion order question

Hi Cat and all,
I've finished Linmore so have been trying to figure out if there actually is an expansion I missed while my devices were screwey... Can't seem to work it out. Could you share please which expansion y'all released just prior to Linmore? If I did miss one, that would be the one.
Thank you! Meanwhile, I'm looking forward to cursed Chess Set 🙂


  • Asteroids I and before that Horde II. Working now on Ragnar's Revenge. :smile:
  • Thank you so much, Cat! I'd already purchased them all so couldn't work it out that way. Im thinking I've played asteroids already meaning I'll just have to wait for the next release, but at least now I know which expansion to load up to double check. Thanks again!

  • Cat, when The Quest Ii releases will you be releasing expansions as well? How many more expansions do you plan on releasing here for the current version. You would think I would be tired of it by now, but nope, still look forward to each expansion, and still hope with each release it is not the last!

    I would love to see one expansion just be a good old fashioned dungeon crawler. Like a 20 floor dungeon, without towns or shops. Just use what you find, and try and go deeper and deeper to reaching the bottom floor and having the big fight against the big bad boss.

  • I don't know the answer to your question about the Quest 2 but I think the idea is to have an editor at some point and if there is an editor, there should be expansions. :smile:

    My plan for the current editor is to port Cursed Stone and Dragon Jade and for at least two new expansions. Working on the sequel to Thor's Hammer right now and then plan for a new expansion involving young Cat and young Old Shaman.

    Now there is no reason why that expansion can't be a pure dungeon crawler of many dungeon levels. You have to go back in time to exterminate a dracolith who has caused an apocalyptic scenario. There is no reason why its lair can't be in such a muktilevek dungeon.

    Keep in mind that I finished porting Cursed Chess Set almost two months ago and Redshift has not had a chance to get it ready for mobile yet, so my plans depend also on them.
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