Level Skipping Bug?

Hi, Cat. I am encountering this odd bug where my character (level 111) and I kill a monster and it skips 40 levels to level 151.

I know I’ve seen characters here in the forums that are level 116 and I don’t mind skipping to that level, but I usually drink one perm gush per level.

Has anyone else encountered this before? I’ve replicated it 10 times and every time I reload my character preskip, it always hops to 151 regardless of expansion. I have all the games.


  • You'd have to write elendil@redshift.hu and ask what might be causing this.

    I've never had that happen and neither have any of my betatesters.

    Elendil does not recommend however going to such a high level. It could be that the permanent gush potions and other permanent potions are causing this. Using them multiple times might make the game buggy.

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