Where is Black Cactus Oil?

For Wizardz quest, I cannot find it. Does anyone know?


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    Try a fern in the Circus.

  • Thanks, Cat! I guess can this hint be updated then?
  • It might be there as well. I probably put it in more than one place. I can't ask Elendil to do an update unless it's major right now. He's too busy. Cursed Chess Set has been done for over a month and he doesn't have the time to work on it yet to get it on mobile. It is a good suggestion though. But, it might also be near Shuga Pakace. :)
  • Ok, no worries. Thanks Cat!
  • There is Black Cactus Oil on a bush southwest of the entrance to Shuga Palace and possibly other places too. I put more than one out there.

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