Drain XP Monsters?

Anyone knows if there are still monsters who can drain XP, and where to find them?



  • Yes, but I will have to look. Which expansion are you playing?
  • Hi @Catacomber ! Are there drain XP monsters or fountains/crystal balls in the main game or in the official expansion?

  • In the base game it's ancient ghouls in Abandoned mine. To get there walk west from the potion shop in Vastares. I don't know if there are even better places in expansions.

    About fountains and crystal ball I'm not sure I understood correctly. There are many such things around

  • You should ask this at Redshift's forum, redshift.hu. It's been so long since I played them, I don't know. Ezdra's answer is very helpful.

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    @Ezdra Thanks! Do you know if the XP drain is still active or was it solved in a game update? I just went to the abandoned mine and encountered some Ancient Ghouls, but did not get any XP drained. Not sure if I’m missing something. About the fountains/crystal balls, I meant if there are any of them that cause a drain in XP.

    @Catacomber got it, thanks!
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    Yes, it was removed from the base game then.

    You can go to Emerald Wood in Lukomorye I and find Grandfather Spiders there to have your xp drained

  • I'll let you know if I find a crystal ball or some other map object that drains xp
  • Thanks @Ezdra ! That is super helpful. I got the HOL1 expansion now and tried going to the Emerald Wood, but I cannot find a way out of either the Fortress of Zlatograd (gate is closed) nor the weathered pillars (magic blockade & trees).
  • Talk to General Belomor upstairs - he has the key to a gate in the center of Zlatograd
  • Thanks @Ezdra ! I managed to get to Emerald Wood and can confirm the drain XP
  • @H_Coen In HOLV there's a colored wall in Catacombs that drains 500 xp with every tap. Entry from Squirrel Forest - northwest corner, behind Cat's house (through Dumb Tom's Tomb).
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