Unlearning Spells

Would it be possible to enable the unlearning of spells? Some spells are only used for one expansion (e.g. camel goad, ice bucket, power wash), and it would be helpful in optimizing a character's spell list to remove expansion-specific spells once that expansion is completed. I assume spells are enabled by modifying a character's data file, so it should be possible to reverse the modification. I imagine it could be done similar to the way some expansions have areas that allow you to remove unfinished quests from your quest list. The player could visit an NPC who has a list of spell choices, the player picks one to unlearn, and the data file is reset accordingly. What do you think? Reasonable or too complicated?


  • It could cause problems for some current players who sometimes just click through the text without reading it--not many but a few--as some spells are quest rewards and if they removed it and still had the quest open, they wouldn't be able to get the quest again. Also it's an awful lot of work so I'd have to think about it. If it were done, it would have to be slowly. It's too late to include anything like that in Cursed Chess Set--it would have to be done in the next expansion.

  • I'm willing to try this on a limited basis in the next new expansion. What spells do people want to remove their knowledge of? Shouldn't be any from the base game.
  • Thank you for considering. I understand the concern, but since you would pick from a list, I think most players wouldn't delete spells by accident.

    Power Wash from Curse of Linmore
    Any non-base game spells from the next expansion you need to complete a quest

    Also, as each expansion is developed, could you either include the option of removing expansion-specific spells in that same expansion or have scrolls/wands for any expansion-specific spells, so you don't have to learn them if you don't want to.

  • The wands are a good idea. I'll try the option for someone to help you unlearn spells in Ragnar's Revenge which I just started working on, But let's start with a limited number. What are five spells you'd like to unlearn. It will cost about 5000 gold each.

  • Power Wash
    Camel Goad
    Ice Bucket

    I don't remember the expansions for these, except Power Wash (Linmore). I hope that's OK. Thanks again.

  • That's fine. : )

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