Recurring bug I'm just curious about

I have been playing the classic game on an old device (an iPhone 5S if that helps), and the non-classic game on my actual phone.
Something that I noticed happens quite often in the newer version that never happens in the classic version is enemies getting stuck on wall tiles and such and sometimes it would take a couple of steps around the map to help them breach through walls and attack me outside of whichever space were they supposed to be bound to.
This out-of-bound enemies problem is pretty interesting, I know nothing about coding apps or game engines or anything really, but the way this bug behaves is fascinating.
What are the spawning conditions or movement limitations that were changed between the classic and non classic version? What might be causing enemies to spawn on (or walk, maybe, to) occupied map tiles?

This isn't anything too dramatic
Im just curious


  • I don't think anyone has the answer to this. If anyone would it would be Elendil and he hasn't found it. The classic version was coded by Stewe primarily. Elendil redid the code for the HD version. It's very hard for one programmer to pick up another's and perfectly solve any problems it may have. If you'd like to ask him, you can contact him at It's a random bug and I don't think he's been able to track it down. Nor does he have the time now that they're working on the Quest II. It is annoying. : )

  • Oh wow the sequel is already in production? How exciting!
    I'm sure he has enough important stuff to worry about, not gonna hassle him for a random nonsense question
    Are you also involved in the sequel? How many quests revolve around getting you chocolates or solving your sudoku or rescuing you from a dragon?
  • That's funny. So far, I'm not involved. It hasn't gotten to the point I could do anything yet.

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