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This is probably up already but I couldn't find a recent list so I made this list for myself. Thought it might save somebody some time. These suggested play levels are from google play. I dont always like showing up to an expansion overpowered.

The quest - 1
Thor's hammer - 1
Asteroids - 4
Islands of ice & fire - 14
Celtic rift - 15
Mithril horde 21
Hol l - 23
Hol ll - 29
Macha's curse - 40
Celtic queen - 45
Hol lll - 50
Caerworn castle - 60
Celtic doom - 65
Hol lV - 70
Mithril horde ll - 75
Basilisk's eye - 75
Hol V - 80
Curse of linmore - 80

Anything to add it seems stuff is always cooking around there?


  • Or underpowered
  • That list is great!
  • There are none in the 30 level area. Is that intentional?
  • Just never thought about it. : )

  • I only noticed that after making the list. I was just curious
  • I personally feel like the levels should be higher. I can imagine it's easy to "overlevel" if fully explore every places. But whatever :)

  • Elendil suggested they not go that much higher. I'll think about it.

  • Thank you for the list! I've not played in a while due to device issues and was looking for this exact info to remember where I was and where to go next.
    Which leads to a question if someone could advice... Am I correct that, in order to continue where I left off, I'll need to install the quest plus all expansions following it onto my new device? Is my only other option to play as stand alone?
    I think that is the case but am asking to be certain as , having played all but the latest 2 expansions, it's a lot to download and I'm afraid of overloading the new phone so just wondering if there are any other options.
    I've really missed both the game and the community so am looking forward to diving back in!

  • That is a good question to ask Elendil.


    I think you would have to download the Quest again and the expansions but you could do it one at a time. There is also a way to disable expansions so you don't crowd your phone but Elendil is the best person to ask.

    If you can transfer your old save file to a hard drive, you can upload it to your new device.

  • Hi Catacomber! Thanks so much for the feedback and suggestions. I appreciate it!

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