Gift idea for those who buy all the games

One day, all expansions will be out and the game will die. As a gift for those who buy all the games, here is my idea, when the last expansion will be released, hide a puzzle piece within, with a message to send you in a last quest to retrieve a puzzle piece in each expansions. Each message give you the expansion and the place to search. The last piece will be located on the main game with a message that told you to bring all the pieces on the hidden island of the main game. On a specific square, the pieces will open a portal to a last huge dungeon. Because I allways found this island under use...


  • This is a beautiful idea but I can't alter the main game.
  • This could be limited to the expansion of the main games is off limit. I try to think to something not to heavy to implement. A duplicate object, some messages and a dungeon... Anyway keep on and I hope the health problem is going on the right way.
  • Sounds good. : )

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