After Linmore?

I just finished Curse of Linmore and am wondering what's next. I read somewhere that level 80 is about max for the game engine so I'm assuming no higher expansion in the future. Are there any other high level expansions planned? Or is it time to retire my overpowered level 90 Nogar baby who has been with me for 12 expansions? He should be ok he's sitting on over 44 million gold coins. One last question when you start over with a new character can you save an old character in case a new high level expansion drops in the future and you would prefer your higher level dude?


  • Cursed chess set?
  • Cursed Chess Set which is not high level. Yes you can save your old saves by transferring them to a computer or by doing what I do--emailing them to yourself. Make sure the save has a mark in Matras and Mithria. : )

    The expansion after Cursed Stone may be high level. Not sure yet and then there's the port of Cursed Stone and Jade Dragon. Cursed Stone is low level but Dragon Jade is 80ish.

  • Well then I definitely want to keep him around. I may need him for the jade dragon. I want to make sure I do this right. Please bear with me here. I had a mark in my house in Mithria City so I went over and also marked one in Village of Matras. I'm pretty sure that is what you meant. Then made a save in slot 4. I found the save file and emailed myself a copy. Can I change the name or will it not recognize? Would I then just drop that file back into hu.redshift.thequest folder to resurrect him?
    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you again for a great game with seemingly endless expansions and might I add a great resource in these forums. It is rare to have a place you can go to get a quick answer. It makes a great game even better. I'm a huge fan. Now time to begin again. I'm feeling Derthy
  • I'm playing on android by the way
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    You're very welcome. Thank you for your kind words.

    That is what I meant by marking. I mark at the harbor captains because that's where you travel to the expansions.

    You can rename the save file but name it to a slot that isn't being used, like

    Drop the file back into the redshift the quest folder into a file called Saved Games if you have it.

    The path for my saved games is (but keep in mind this is on my computer):

    This PC/Windows C/Users/cata/Saved Games'The Quest

    Notice the spaces

    I hope that helps. If it doesnt', you can write Elendil at

    My save files are stored on my pc. I don't use android for the quest so can't tell you exactly where to store the save but if you can find the other saves, it goes in there with them. Elendil would be better equipped to tell you exactly where.

  • The house at Linmore is a great reward, however there are no permanent storage facilities…strange…. Also Cursed Chess set seems to be classic version only , or am I missing an expansion, having done all the others. Keep up the great work Team. Thanks.

  • Cursed Chess Set for HD is not out yet. : ) Still testing.

    All the shelves in the Mage Council have permanent storage.

  • Okies. Thanks

  • It turns out I was worried about nothing. I assumed (and yes we all know what we get when we assume) the 20 save slots reset when starting a new character. It is cool that they do not. I sent my self a save file and saved one on slot 20. I usually use only a couple save slots anyway
  • So there was a slight delay in testing Cursed Chess Set because my old computer broke down suddenly and I had to set everything up again. Back to testing now.

  • Cat - any updates on the next expansions?

  • Elendil has the port of Cursed Chess Set to upload but he is busy so we have to wait. Working on sequel to Thor's Hammer.

  • How far along is the sequel to Thor?
  • In the early stages. I just started to put in the quests. But Elendil hasn't uploaded Cursed Chess Set yet so wait for that. : )

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