Two Last Quests

Love the game. Two last quests to finish:
1. Iron Bolts: where do I find them?
2. Gum Drops: the inn sells beer, but not drops. I already dealt with the upstairs ambush.

Any help?


  • 1. Iron bolts definitely in a shop. Can’t remember where. Sorry.
    2. Talk to innkeeper. She will ask you to do task which results in you getting gun drops.

    Question back to you…hope stag not helping me. Have snow owl feather, where is eagle feather and where can I get titanium?
  • There are eagles somewhere. : ) An eagle at least. In the Rainbow Peaks. You need Persuasion of at least 110.

    You can get Titanium from the Fairy Mines in the Blue Man's Mountains. You can also buy it from shops that sell miscellaneous items but it's rare and you'd have to camp out.

    Any shop that sells miscellaneous items should sell Iron Bolts.

  • Thanks Cat. I’ve seen three eagles. One pecks me, one takes me up to the peaks and one takes me down. None give me an eagle feather. Is it somewhere else in the peaks?
  • I didn’t get a task from the inn keeper. My old options are “your tavern” and “about a beer”

    The former directs me to go to Morty. My only option for dialogue is “who are you” which causes him to direct me to the innkeeper for a drink.

  • I have the eagle feather. I needed to go back to Michele to get the quest….
  • @ DavetheNarc: Do you have the Blue Man's quest for sweets? If you do, she should say, "That's how I got my nickname. I like them. I usually have a sack around but right now, I'm out. No one dares go down to my basement where I keep them. There's a sour-faced spider down there, mean as a tax collector. I'd offer you some, but as I said, I'm out. Unless, you want to try your luck with that spider. I could give you the key. But a sack of gum drops will cost you 50 gold and I want you to bring me up some stuff from the basement while you're there."

    You need 50 gold in your pocket.

  • I have the quest (and the fifty gold) but that dialogue option doesn’t come up for me.

  • I just tested this and it works fine. Gum Drops should give you a dialogue option "About some sweets". Maybe do other things for awhile and then go back.

  • Yeah, I don’t know what I did wrong. I’ve finished the other quests and slept 7 days a few times, but the result is the same.

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