Expansions for GOG

Hi, are you able to buy the expansions for the GOG version?
I only see on the website, the versions for the old version.


  • The Steam versions work with GOG. I just haven't had the time to set up selling expansions at Itchio or someplace similar that would work with GOG.

  • ok, I will have to go through there then. Maybe you had a package with all of them so i can buy them all at once.. heck... i can even use Facebook Pay.. i saw you on there too

  • I just don't have the time to organize anything like that righ tnow. My husband got out of intensive care for heart issues last week and all the follow up appointments and special diet are keeping me rather busy.

    Some day!

  • It's a very good suggestion though and as soon as things settle down and Cursed Chess Set testing is finished, I'll consider it. Thanks.

  • No Problem, and thank you again for your e-mail.

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