Problems in two quests: Princess Yasmine and Capturing Al Yazid

I have gotten the quest to exorcise Princess Yasmine and spoken to Ja’far, but can’t find the witch in the southwest corner of the swamp of Jaya. For the quest that involves, in part, capturing Al Yazid, I still get that the green candle “crackles ominously” in the Tomb of Mustaf. I have the book, saber, and flute. I’ve tried sleeping 21 times in a row to reset things, but no luck. Any ideas? Thanks.


  • The Witch of Jaya is in the lower left of the surface map. She won't be visible unless you speak to the Grand Vizier who is next to Ja'far. When he says this, "Gaze into this sphere. It's the Sphere of Far-Seeing. Look at the face that's forming in the ball. That's the treacherous and wicked Witch of Jaya. She's been known to exorcize demons. Her potion or spell would undoubtedly not be strong enough to oust Bethlusaa from his book but she may have an elixir to help Princess Yasmine.

    But you'll have to kill her to get it. She's mean as a hellhound.", he sets her visible.

    Do you have the quest, "Fetch the Djinn, For Mage Nur Ali, Shadows of Blood, fetch the book inhabited by Bethlusaa's spirit, the Djinn Al Yazid from Home of the Djinn and the Flute of Rapture from the lair of Al-Gheyra, the Garuda prince. You'll need the Saber of Samardan to threaten the Djinn Al Yazid to come with you. It can be found in the Jasper Mines."? The candle will crackle ominously unless you do.

  • Thanks for the quick responses. Yes, I’ve spoken with the Gran Vizier, and I have the quest that starts “For Mage Nur Ali…”

  • I should add I went ahead and solved the main questline and just about all of the solved quests. So I’m fine if this is unresolved. As a completionist, it would be nice to get absolutely everything, but I’ve already gotten so much out of the game.

  • Is it possible you killed the Witch?

    That candle removes a wall. Once you remove the wall, it will still say the green fire crackles ominously. Maybe you removed the wall? That's where Al Yazid is.

  • I reached Al Yazid, so I must have removed the wall and forgot or didn’t notice that I had. When I wrote, it seemed that I couldn’t progress on quests involving him, but by doing all other quests that I had, I evidently triggered something that allowed me to progress. So I am now done with all of the main quests, and all side quests except for “Cure Princess Yasmine.”. Sorry—I should have tried this first before writing.

    As for that one, when I reset the game, several witches attacked me in the Swamp of Jaya. I searched the area for dropped items, but those that I picked up didn’t help with that particular quest, nor did anything I must have picked up earlier.

  • I’ve now bought the Elixir of Exorcism from Fred and completed that quest, too—so I’m all done. Thank you for the help!

  • You're very welcome!

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