Skill increase limits on level up

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I’ve noticed that at a level up I have some primary skills that only allow 2 point increases per level and others that allow more. For example as a Nogur when I level up my heavy weapon and heavy armor only let me increase 2 points per level then the plus sign goes away. But my light weapon doesn’t seem to have a limit. Is this by design and what’s the logic behind it?

BTW loving the game and expansions so far. Never thought I’d like a first person player like this as I was always a more traditional “party” game player. But these have been enjoyable and love what you’re doing. Keep the expansions coming!


  • I believe that this feature was intentional through the game mechanics.

    Now, I'm uncertain of its calculations but apparently, we get the option to spend more Skills points upon any Skills provided IF we haven't spent any on that said Skills, and it's based on our characters' Level. (Of course, our Attributes also matters as well.)

    For example, said, if my Healing Magic Skill is at Skill Level 30 while my Derth is at Level 1 and I have reached Level 10 with my Healing Magic Skill still remained at Skill Level 30, then that allows me to spent a lot more Skill Points on my Healing Magic Skill accordingly based on my Derth's character Level. (as well as according to my Intelligence Level as well.)

    Likewise, this mechanism also applies as well, if we chooses to be a 'strategic' and raise our Skill Levels via Skill Trainers. 😙 (Of course at first, we won't be able to spent more Skill Points on our desired Skills due to our Attributes' limitations but once we have sufficient Attributes Levels, we can spend more than 2 Skill Points. 😉)
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