Is Quest II dead?

Hi Cat - I have posted a couple of times to the Quest II website but with little clarity on its future. It’s now been more than 7 years since this project was first announced - is it now officially dead??


  • I think they're still working on it but I haven't spoken to them about it. I like to give them space even if it's a long space. I remember when Stewe was working on the original Quest. At that time it was quite an accomplishment to get something like that to run fast on mobile-those were the Palm Pilot days. Not sure how extensive or complicated Elendil and Sylon have designed the Quest II to be. If it's complex, it could take quite a long time.

  • Just simply let the Redshift Team finish developing "The Quest II" by their own timing and have some patience there, mate. 😌 Also, do please remember that there's only 3 developers working on the game in the first place. πŸ˜—
  • Part of the answer to the delays of the Quest II is in this thread. Elendil has to redesign the Quest HD to begin with because of new delivery requirements of the Google Play Store. I didn't find this out until this morning. Last night I sent him an update to HOLII>

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