Google Play Download Counts

When I see the download counts on Google Play I wonder if we are really such a small community?
Or is everyone else playing it on Steam or somewhere else?

I remember even The Quest was not easy to find in Google Play Store which mostly promotes those xx Million In-App-Purchase Hits. What a shame. There should me more chance for real games like this.


  • A lot of people play on Steam, Gog and Ios so I can't really say why the download counts would be low. Thank you for your nice words.

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    If I were to guess, one of such reasons is probably because of not much people do know about "The Quest" game in the first place. 😗🤔 (The same could be said for its Classic counterpart, too.)

    Another reason is most likely because of online RPGs being much more "attractive" than offline RPGs, thus you don't see much players being interested in offline RPGs (or any other offline games) nowadays. 🙁

    Regardless though, I will still continue to support offline games like "The Quest" for as long as I live. ✌️😙 And NO online games shall convince me otherwise, for that's an unwavering promise of certainty. 😤
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